iPad Solar Charger

iPad solar charger built inside a case which can be used upti an average of 10 days usage. Kudo uses photovoltaic ink technology, it converts light from indoor and outdoor light into usable energy. It charges the iPad with a constant trickle from its built in iPad solar energy.

An iPad solar cover upto an average of 10 days usage…………………..



The charging depends on usage and lighting conditions, but an average users will be upto 10 days.

There is a cable included to charge the Kudo through the wall and fully power the Kudo and iPad together from time to time. The iPad solar charger built into the Kudo is not only green, it’s better than charging the old-school way through through the wall.  A plug is included with the case (yuck) to charge it from the wall when it does eventually need a boost. It is a product using renewable energy, which is wasted on a large scale. The protective Kudo case itself is made from recycled materials. To offset any potential carbon footprint left behind from the manufacturing process for every Kudo sold Wireless NRG is planting a tree in the consumers name.

This iPad Solar Battery Case will have a number of features built directly in.  Kudo is using new Solar Technology for the new iPad Mini Case and iPad 4 case.  This new iPad case for the mini will also include multiple stands for the back of the case to support a movie or keyboard position.  It also includes a secondary USB charging port to plug your phone, camera, or almost any other portable electronic device and charge from the solar powered case.

It is available at the rate of $319 which may be around Rs.18380.


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